“Sleeping is Living” by THE RED BOOK is out

Sleeping is Living” is the debut double-album by The Red Book which is a studio project by Dan Schubarth and drummers Andi Preen and Darryl DiMaggio. It is (for lack of a better term) psych-prog-space rock that has been described as “pink floyd meets hendrix through a sabbath filter.” It is available on all streaming services — play it loud!


Album cover for Sleeping is Living by The Red Book


You can also find it here on Bandcamp: https://theredbook.bandcamp.com/album/sleeping-is-living

Here is the entire album on YouTube — click above the “1/8” in the upper right corner to access all the tracks, and please subscribe to the channel @theredbookmusic:


Check out this fantastic review of the album:


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