“root fire” by ELK AND THEIR ILK is now available

root fire” by ELK AND THEIR ILK is now out on bandcamp at https://elkandtheirilk.bandcamp.com/album/root-fire and your favorite streaming services including Spotify and YouTube.

ELK AND THEIR ILK is a solo project by Dan Schubarth. It is only guitar and effects — there is no bass, vocals, or drums involved. It is basically half ambient/noise soundscapes and half riffs which showcase some real gnarly sounds. For best results listen to the entire album in the dark from beginning to end as loud as you can stand it. If you really want to trip out listen on headphones — there is a LOT of stereo stuff going on, you’ve been warned!

Here is the album on YouTube — click above the “1/11” in the upper right corner to access all the tracks:



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